How to use this app ?

Make gif by images

  • Find the item you want and click "Image" button.
  • Select the images you want to make a gif, choose how long each image be switchover.
  • Then Click the 'GO'.
  • That's all, wait a minute , system will make and sync the gif to your item storefont.

Make gif by video

  • Find the item and click "Video" button.
  • Upload a video less than 60s(only MP4 are supported)
  • Mark the start time and end time, then click "GO".
  • Wait a minute, system is going to take care ofthe rest.

Why do you develop this app?

We have a dream that make the storefront display of all personal stores more vivid, not as rigid as it is now, like Amazon or some other large ecommerce web sites. This is not a show, this is to let customers have a better shopping experience, and increase the authenticity of the product is a very helpful thing to the conversion rate.

What will you do next?

We are going to find and develop more functions for storefront display.

How can I contact you guys?

Send E-mail to us :

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